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PCA Classics

December 18 - December 31

Some things are timeless: a bottle of Coca-cola, a '57 Corvette, & the Empire State Building just to name a few. The Classics section of Paper Clouds is devoted to helping our artists to continue to leave their mark on the world while helping their favorite non-profit. As always, 50% of the proceeds of every shirt purchased goes directly to the cause that the artist has chosen. Now the best part is up to you! Do a little shopping and help spread the word about these timeless designs, finally here to stay!
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Julia is in 10th grade at West High School in Madison, Wisconsin. An honor roll student with autism, Julia loves her classes in pottery, computer illustration, choir and earth science. Her favorite way of working on social skills is cheering for the West High Regents. After school, she likes to watch Voltron Legendary Defenders and draw the paladin, Pidge.

Caleb is 9 years old and loves to play outside, chop wood, and go fishing.  He loves to draw dragons and is excited that one of his dragons is part of this campaign for Tubie Friends.  Caleb was born prematurely and has on-going stomach and intestinal issues that require him to be tube fed.  He experiences a lot of pain in his abdomen when he eats and recently was able to change his feeds to J-feeds which bypass his stomach entirely and greatly improved his overall quality of life. 
He is a happy, energetic boy who loves to create things with his hands and play and we are thrilled to use Caleb's dragon design to help raise funds for Tubie Friends!

Jackson is 7 years old and lives in Manvel, TX with Mommy, Daddy and little sister Bella.  He was born with Down syndrome but hasn't let that slow him down one bit. He's even a little bit of a celebrity, due to being featured in stories on Huffington Post, CBS News, and The Mighty. Jackson is in Kindergarten and is loved by his teachers and classmates. He loves to read books, watch Paw Patrol, play sports, swim and draw with chalk. Jackson's favorite band is The Ramones, and he insists on blasting to Blitzkrieg Bop (at full volume) every day on the way to school.
Jackson's design will be helping out Reece's Rainbow which is an organization that helps orphans with Down Syndrome find loving families :)

Logan is a 25-year-old young man who is living with Hashimoto's and developmental disabilities, including Apraxia. He enjoys riding his trike, bowling, fishing, playing basketball and helping with his many, many animals. His family likes to consider him challenged not limited, and you can find out more about him through Logan's mom, Allyson, chronicles their lives on her Facebook page, The Crumb Diaries.
Logan's designs are raising money for Logan's Fund, a trust fund set up to be set aside for Logan should anything happen to his parents.    

Emma is a very happy 11 yr. old who loves life. She was born at 27 weeks and weighed 2 lbs. 14 oz. She developed a brain bleed at birth and this caused her to have Cerebral Palsy. She spent 72 days in the NICU and it was during her stay in the NICU when we realized how tough she would be. She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy one week before her first birthday.
Emma began physical therapy during her first year of life and she started school at the age of 18 months. The teachers and professionals along the way have helped Emma develop a positive attitude and have given her a life without limitations. She loves going to school so she can see her friends and has always been very social. During Kindergarten, Emma explained to her class why she was in a wheelchair and uses a walker. One of the kids asked, “What is Cerebral Palsy?” Emma answered, “When I was born, I got a boo-boo on my brain.” Emma has not let CP get in the way of her dreams. She has always wanted to dance and walk by herself.
On June 6th, 2013 Emma had spinal surgery to help her reach her dream of walking. Emma took this surgery on with a smile and has undergone extensive physical therapy. She has made amazing progress and can now take up to 3 independent steps! She currently goes to physical therapy 3 times a week and continues to persevere. She has inspired many and we are very proud of what she has accomplished in such a short time. Emma recently had an assignment at school and was to give advice to a baby on their first day here on earth. This is what she wrote, "Some days you will pass the test. Some days you will get the answers wrong. Some days you will reach your dreams. Some days you will lose your grip. It's just how it is here. Enjoy your new life!" She is a beautiful, caring, and bright young lady. You can follow Emma's amazing journey on her Facebook page!!
Every parent has hopes and dreams for their child, just as every child has hopes and dreams for themselves and their futures. Emma’s Cupcake design will help parents and their young adults with special needs progress toward their hopes and dreams through participation in the numerous educational, social and career development opportunities available in the District's post-secondary program. In Dublin, Ohio, the staff of the postsecondary programs is providing amazing, high-quality, outcome-focused opportunities to individuals between the age of 18 and 22 who require individualized transition programming and supports. Please Support the #DublinDifference Project!!

Noah created the Guitar drawing when 13 and lives in Middletown, Maryland. Noah has a LOT of friends that have been by his side since he started school. He loves baseball and is a big hitter on the Challenger Baseball Team and is known as "The Possum". He has had the opportunity to play on the field with some of the Orioles players numerous times and has many autographs. He also loves swimming and has participated in Special Olympic Swimming for the past 3 years where he has gotten numerous Gold, and Silver medals. He loves drawing, and his specialty is drawing animals and family pictures. He loves to play PlayStation games and he is unbeatable in any game he plays!!! He also loves fishing with his dad and his sisters. He loves animals and has 2 dogs and 14 cats. His favorite thing is playing practical jokes on his family, he makes us laugh every day!!!
Noah's design is raising money for the International Down Syndrome Coalition, an international group of parent advocates that are not affiliated with any political party or religion. They believe that all life is precious and deserves dignity and respect. They are pro Down syndrome and always stand on the side of the person with Down syndrome.

Jonah is a wonder. He is 11 years old, a twin, loves Doctor Who, science, can read at a high school level, and despite the odds: walk, talk (very well;), and yes draw an awesome looking ninja! He also has autism, seizures, GI issues, hypotonia, hypoglycemia, fine motor ataxia, heat and exercise intolerance among other health issues. All this is from Mitochondrial Disease. He fought hard to accomplish what he can do now and keeps fighting hard to keep his skills and gain more!
Jonah is continuing to raise funds for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation!

Chloe is 25 years old and has autism. She is on a mission to advocate about what autism is like from her perspective in order to teach others. Chloe presents at conferences, writes, and more. In her free time Chloe loves to color and participate in Agility Angels, dog training for kids and young adults with Autism.
Chloe created the Sunshine design and 50% of the proceeds from sales of her design will benefit Agility Angels!

Nick was an incredible, inspiring young man who showed thousands of people what it was like to truly live life to the fullest. At 14, Nick was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma after complaining of pain above his knee for a few weeks. Over the next two years, Nick underwent many surgeries and battled through chemotherapy with a positive, determined attitude every step of the way. Unfortunately, the tumors were continuing to grow and in late summer of 2014, Nick and his family made the decision to stop treatment. Through the next few months, Nick crossed items off of his bucket list with fervor and spent his days with his loved ones bringing smiles to the face of all those he touched. On December 30th, 2014 Nick passed away.
Half of the proceeds from apparel sold with his tattoo in this campaign will benefit the homeless and help the memory of Nick live on! People will continue to get Nick'd!

Regan born 11.13.03 and was diagnosed with autism at 2 years of age when we lived in Belvidere, Illinois. We moved to Beloit, Wisconsin in September of 2006. Regan is 10 years old now and is in the 4th grade. He loves Legos, Superheroes, Annoying Orange, and other YouTube funnies. Regan loves to draw using black ink pens, markers, and crayons and he also enjoys using the paint program on the computer to draw pictures like this Hulk.
Regan's Hulk will benefit the National Autism Association!!

Zoey is an 11 yr old with Asperger's syndrome when she created this amazing Owl art. Zoey said that Owls are her favorite animal to draw and she has drawn that animal the most.

Grace is a caring and vibrant 15-year-old girl. The middle of 3 sisters, Grace loves reading, swimming, traveling with her family, being with animals, and singing along to musicals, especially WICKED. Her ability to find silver linings in every situation is a source of inspiration for all who love her.
In 2007, at age 5, Grace was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a fast-growing tumor in her cerebellum. She underwent surgery, proton beam therapy, and chemotherapy, and is now a 10-year survivor. Despite the many challenging side effects of treatment, she is thriving and loving life.
Grace has enjoyed being a 2014 St. Baldrick’s Ambassador and the proceeds from her design will go directly to St Baldrick's. She looks forward to turning 15 in January, to someday meeting Orlando Bloom and Idina Menzel, and to traveling to New Zealand. She was inspired by her new favorite TV show – Once Upon A Time -to create this heart design. She traced the design, burned it into wood, and painted it red.

Bronson is 14 and going to High School this year. He loves to draw, write cartoon stories, go to Disneyland and California Adventure, the beach, do Crossfit and he loves to travel. Bronson loves Spongebob Squarepants he is a collector of anything Spongebob. He is growing into his role as “little brother” and it he is starting to give his brother and cousins a run for their money with his newfound attitude. Bronson wants to help the homeless and has chosen Cloud Covered Streets for his cause!

Brooke is a fourteen-year-old rising high school freshman. She is generous, affectionate, funny as all get out, and, as you can see, a talented and prolific artist. She is also autistic and lives with epilepsy. While she takes pride in being autistic and sees her autism as an integral part of what makes her the incredible kid that she is, she'd really like her seizures to take a hike. She's very happy to be sharing her artwork with you and hopes you like it.
Brooke's design is aiding to the funding of The Epilepsy Foundation, a non-profit national foundation, headquartered in Landover, Maryland, dedicated to the welfare of people with epilepsy and seizure disorders.