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Flash Campaign 2

July 16 - July 29

Our next campaign is a mix of people and we are calling it our Flash Campaign 2 because we got the art so quick and planned the project less than a week ago. This campaign we will be raising money for Team Logan, Arizona Camp Sunrise, Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children, Xia-Gibbs Society, and Brooklinn.

Arizona Camp Sunrise

Arizona Camp Sunrise & Sidekicks is dedicated to providing exciting and fun, medically staffed, year round programs for families who have been affected by childhood cancer.

Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children

Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation whose mission is to provide social, emotional and financial support for families managing the health and well being of a loved one with pediatric cancer. We pride ourselves on providing practical support directly to families.

Xia-Gibbs Society

Xia-Gibbs Syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by a mutation in the AHDC1 gene.

The mutation is 'de novo', which means that it arises spontaneously in the child and is not passed down by either parent.

The condition was discovered in 2014 and already a small number of people around the world have been diagnosed, most of them children. This means that little is known about the condition and how it might affect people in adulthood.

People with Xia-Gibbs Syndrome experience global developmental delay which is thought to lead to intellectual and physical disabilities of varying severity. Some people experience sleep apnea and require breathing support at night, some have seizures. Many require significant care and assistance from their parents and other family members.

While little is yet known about the condition and only a small number of people have been diagnosed, it is likely that there are many more with the syndrome around the world whose families and doctors are simply unaware of the condition and remain without diagnosis.

Brooklinn was born with profound hearing loss, she wears cochlear implants which are good in small groups, but large groups it is difficult for her to hear and she misses out on things. We are raising money for an FM system that connects her cochlear implants. Whomever is speaking wears a microphone and what they say goes straight to Brooklinn. She LOVES to draw, she doesn’t go anywhere without her sketch pad and colored pencils. When she’s not drawing she loves playing volleyball and is active in 4H where she is her clubs Historian. She shows chickens, cavvy and rabbits. She also does sewing, crafts, photography and wood working. She likes reading Goosebump books and the Dear America book.

Team Logan

As some of you know, Logan was recently diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. Medication is now a part of his daily life, and exercise is going to be a huge part of our routine moving forward. We are lucky enough to have an empty space in our home that we will be converting into Logan's fitness room, and it will be customized to his needs, likes and limitations. He has spinal issues, and therefore will be working with some specialists to make sure everything is perfectly geared toward his health and safety.

So we have brought Logan's Slombie design back out to help him with his needs. Half of the proceeds will go directly towards his medical bills and help him save a little for the future as he cannot find work.
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Logan is a 25-year-old young man who is living with Hashimoto's and developmental disabilities, including Apraxia. He enjoys riding his trike, bowling, fishing, playing basketball and helping with his many, many animals. His family likes to consider him challenged not limited, and you can find out more about him through Logan's mom, Allyson, chronicles their lives on her Facebook page, The Crumb Diaries.
Logan's designs are raising money for Logan's Fund, a trust fund set up to be set aside for Logan should anything happen to his parents.    

Aleyna is a cancer warrior who has provided us with the lovable Ladybugs. Her battle through cancer has been aided by PeppedUp! and her artistic creation will keep it full circle with 50% of the proceeds going to help other children in need. Her strength can only be matched by her lovable personality!

This is Sean Bowler. Sean is a twenty-two-year-old young man. Sean loves his family and friends. He shows his appreciation for those that care for him every day.
Sean was born at twenty-seven weeks. As he grew, Sean was not meeting his milestones. It was clear that he would need special education services. During his younger years, we were trying to find a diagnosis for Sean in hopes of better understanding his needs, development, and challenges. At six-years-old, Sean was diagnosed with FG Syndrome. With this diagnosis, our family started to make connections with other families with the same diagnosis. Sean’s geneticist at the time was not fully convinced with the diagnosis and after some time we started another search for a diagnosis. In the spring of 2016, Sean was diagnosed with Xia-Gibbs syndrome through genetic testing. At the time of his diagnosis, Sean was the fifth person with a confirmed diagnosed through genetic testing and the twentieth person overall.
As of his twenty-second birthday, Sean began attending an adult day program at Coastal Connections in Amesbury, Massachusetts. This program serves special needs adults of all ages and abilities. Sean refers to Coastal Connections as his “work.” This wonderful program provides academic and vocational opportunities for clients. Over time, Sean will have the opportunity work out in the community.
At home, Sean has his family. He is the older brother of two sisters whom he adores, Abby and Kelsey. Sean gave himself the nickname, Superman. To his family this seems very appropriate. Sean has recently had his third spinal fusion surgery. Currently, Sean is recuperating from this surgery and anxiously awaits his return to work. Feel free to follow us at

Brooklinn is 11 years old and lives in Washington State with her mom, dad and sister. She was born with severe to profound hearing loss. By the time she was 3 years old she had lost all her hearing and received her first cochlear implant. When she was 7 years old she received her second cochlear implant. Brooklinn LOVES to draw, she doesn’t go anywhere without her sketch pad and colored pencils. When she’s not drawing she loves playing volleyball and is active in 4H where she is her club's historian. She shows chickens, cavy, and rabbits. She also does sewing, crafts, photography and wood working. She likes reading Goosebumps books and the Dear America book. She loves unicorns and her favorite movies are The Nightmare Before Christmas and Where the Red Fern Grows. Her favorite holiday is Halloween and she loves hanging out with her family and friends. Something that is very unique about Brooklinn is that she has two different colored eyes. One is blue and one is hazel!

Jeremy began his battle with osteosarcoma in December of 2012. Over the course of 9 months, Jeremy went through treatment of high dose chemotherapy and limb salvage surgery. Prior to his diagnosis Jeremy was a welding apprentice for the city of Tempe, which he can not continue due to his metal implant. Looking for a new career path with a desire to help others dealing with side effects from treatment, he developed a product to hopefully help ease anxiety for chemo and blood transfusion patients. He's very excited to help this cause that is close to his heart!