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Islands of Brillance

September 25 - October 08

Islands of Brilliance (IOB) is a learning experience developed specifically for children and young adults on the autism spectrum.
Islands of Brilliance utilizes project-based learning which allows our students to grow their intrinsic capabilities and practice communication, increasing their likelihood of independence as adults. IOB design workshops create a space for students to explore creativity through the use of technology, during which they learn technical skills and grow confidence in critical social and peer-to-peer interactions. Students are matched one-to-one with mentors—design field professionals—which not only changes public perception of this disability, it also paves the way for future higher education and employment opportunities. An experienced, licensed special education teacher, with paraprofessional support, oversees all workshops.
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Riley is 12 years old and lives in Cloquet, MN where he loves to draw, create with LEGOs, and play video games. He spends time creating characters for his imaginary multi-universe, “Commanza”, where his whimsical creatures come from. He is hoping to make Commanza into a video game someday.

Trains have been a lifelong passion for Harry, beginning with his interest in Thomas the Tank Engine as a toddler, and evolving into modeling intricate HO and N-scale replica layouts. Identified on the autism spectrum at the age of three, neurologists told his parents not to plan on him going to college. He is currently a sophomore studying design at UW-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts, where he made the Dean’s List as a freshman. He lives in Shorewood, WI.

Trinity is an energetic 11 yr old who has a passion to express her understanding of the world around her through art. From the personification of numbers and letters in her early drawings, to complete activity books, short stories, and comics in her current drawings, the recurring theme is the expression of emotion and personality in each character she creates. Her unique drawing technique takes observers on a journey as she makes her images come to life in a series of unconnected steps. In addition to drawing, Trinity is an avid coin collector, as well as a student of geography and music.

Alec was born in Racine, WI on February 9, 2000. Alec was educated in Racine and is a senior at Horlick High School where his favorite subject is German. He has always enjoyed creative activities, so it is no surprise that Islands or Brilliance is one of his favorites. Alec likes to draw and create original LEGO designs. He is also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.