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United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation

April 23 - May 06

Our Mission: To promote research and education for the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of mitochondrial disorders and to provide support to affected individuals and families.

Patients and families are our focus!

When a patient or parent first hears the phrase ‘I suspect mitochondrial disease’, UMDF is usually the next call they make or their first website visit.

In fact, on a yearly basis, UMDF answers and helps more than 4,000 people navigate their mitochondrial journey with phone support. Emails seeking support and resources are countless.

Bottom line – UMDF is ready to help.

UMDF supports newly diagnosed patients with critical information on treatment and care.

Our vast online viewing library provides countless topics on living with mitochondrial disease.

When a patient or family member calls or emails the UMDF, we try to answer questions quickly.
If there is a question we are unable to answer, we’ll help you get the information you need.

If your doctor needs information, we will point him or her to an expert in the mitochondrial medicine field for answers.

And of course, we are here to listen in difficult times.

UMDF connects patients to each other. UMDF Ambassadors across the nation provide patients and families with support in their state or region.
We also connect at UMDF Family Support Meetings and our National Symposium. This symposium is the only mitochondrial medicine meeting where patients, clinicians and scientists are able to network and interact.

We are building the ‘Roadmap to a Cure’  for the entire community— but we need the help of all patients, families, and cargivers to have an impact on treatments and cures.

How can UMDF help and support you today?
Connect now or call us at 888-317-UMDF (8633) today. Stay in touch with the latest information and newsletters.

We are here to serve the entire patient community now!

Scientific Research
Since UMDF’s start in 1996, nearly $12 million in grants have been awarded to support the research that scientists believe could lead to a faster and painless diagnosis,  treatments and potential cures for mitochondrial disease.

Our community ‘Roadmap to a Cure’ is our focus for the years ahead.

We invite you to click here to view our research progress from 1996 through today.

Clinician/Scientific Education
“There are not enough doctors who know about mitochondrial disease”. It’s a common phrase we hear too frequently.

UMDF works to educate clinicians and allied health members about mitochondrial disease and its impact on other diseases and human health.

We do this through our educational sessions at leading medical meetings, and on the grassroots level.
UMDF’s Symposium devotes time to a multi-day platform for the scientific and medical community so that they may learn about the disease and how to help patients.

For patients, UMDF is spearheading an effort to collaborate on the next generation of treatments for patients through the development of a Mito Care Network.

In addition to funding research, UMDF offers scientists an important overview of mitochondrial disease and the latest discoveries and information on our website.

None of this would be possible without the generous donations from patients and families, or funds raised  through participation in Energy for Life WalksFamily Research Funds, and other outstanding events.

It is the job of our entire community to raise the level of awareness when it comes to mitochondrial disease.

UMDF actively works to raise the profile of mitochondrial disease and dysfunction through traditional and social media.   Story placement in print and broadcast media last year alone resulted in over 500 stories in which UMDF, its patients and families, scientists, and clinicans were mentioned.
This resulted in nearly 400,000 new visits to the UMDF website where the number one page viewed was “What is Mitochondrial Disease”.  

Through your state and federal advocacy efforts, mitochondrial disease and UMDF is a recognized partner on Capitol Hill.

But more needs to be done. You can help by joining us in active participation during ‘Awareness Week’.  You can help us get media coverage to spread awareness. We must continually raise our profile so the phrase “Mito What?” becomes a phrase of the past.

We’ve made tremendous progress in educating the federal government about mitochondrial disease.

More than a decade ago, UMDF asked the government to report the amount of dollars it was investing in mitochondrial medicine research. Sadly, that dollar amount was far too low.

Since that time, we’ve introduced legislation, completed four ‘Day’s on the Hill’ and now have the attention of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Because of the hard work by our patients and families, UMDF was able to secure appropriations language in the Department of Defense budget, allocating more than $11 million dollars in scientific research towards treatments and cures!

But, our community needs to continue this work by participating in advocacy, supporting the UMDF created Congressional Mitochondrial Disease Caucus ,and by working on thestatewide level to address the needs of our entire mitochondrial disease community.
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    Paper Clouds

Liam Schanzenbach is 11 years old and lives near Washington, D.C. with his parents, sister, and pet cat Flo. He loves to draw, collect and read comic books, build Legos, read and watch sci-fi, play video games, listen to endless episodes of “Adventures in Odyssey”, attend concerts, hike on the Appalachian Trail with his dad, and listen to rock music. Liam’s favorite bands are Skillet and Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK), both of whom he’s gotten to see perform live at Liberty University’s Winterfest. He aspires to one day play electric guitar just like them! Liam has gotten to be a student at one of Virginia’s first public charter schools for 4th and 5th grades, where his art teacher has really helped him grow his drawing skills. His mother has Mitochondrial Myopathy, and when he’s not busy with school or playing with friends, Liam helps her with her household tasks by sharing his own high energy and growing muscles!

Rachel Schanzenbach has Mitochondrial Myopathy and drew the inspiration for her design from her happy childhood growing up in the 1980s in our nation’s colorful Sonora Desert. Prior to college Rachel was homeschooled K-12 and in appreciation for how it benefited her own health and education, now highly recommends a trial of homeschooling for any child with delicate health. Rachel moved to Virginia in 2000, where she met and married her college sweetheart Daniel. They and their two children, now ages 14 and 11, have a great time learning and having fun and adventure at the UMDF Symposium when it’s in nearby Washington, D.C. Rachel’s inspiration for her quote “Be the difference, Share your energy” comes from the many Christians who’ve donated their physical help to her family during the hardest years of her progressing disease. Together they have shown her that when it comes to Mitochondrial Disease, anyone ready to share their energy can make a world of difference!

Timmy is a fun, energetic, and hilarious 12 year old who loves art, gardening, and any activity where he is outdoors. He has a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, as well as functional mitochondrial disorder. He loves school and adores social outings with family and friends. He is well known in our community for making people laugh.

Alex MacLellan loves to draw in his spare time and was inspired by his sister-in-law Emily Jurek to enter a design for this competition with UMDF. Like the girl in his drawing, Emily has Mitochondrial Disease and is a superhero because she uses her Mito Muscles every day, inspiring all those around her.

Any time you purchase a Paper Clouds Logo design, 50% of the proceeds go directly to the charity of that campaign!!