Throwback vs. Cancer

April 09 - April 22

You asked for it and Paper Clouds has done it again! We have brought together three cancer battling causes this campaign! Read on for more info about each one :)

Ronan Thompson Foundation

Ronan Thompson was a bright, energetic little boy that always kept his family smiling and laughing. In August of 2010, he was diagnosed with a stage IV Neuroblastoma and fought valiantly or the next 10 months. Ronan's battle with Neuroblastoma ended on May 9, 2011, but his fight will go on. Ronan continues to inspire his family in the way he lived his life full of passion, strength, and courage. He will live forever in their hearts and minds as the most beautiful little boy to ever have touched the earth. The Ronan Thompson Foundation raises funds for research that will find new and innovative ways to treat neuroblastoma, and ultimately, find a cure for this disease. The Foundation wants to create a World Class Neuroblastoma Research and Care Center and we're thrilled to help by contributing 50% of the proceeds from this campaign to this cause.

St Baldrick's Foundation

If you've never heard about St. Baldrick's, let us fill you in! This organization raises money for kids cancer research. Kids who are diagnosed with cancer have to be treated differently than adults with the disease. No child should ever have to face cancer and we are so happy to do our part in helping raise funds to help find the cure! To learn more about our incredible cause, visit

Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children

Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children (ACFC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation created to support Arizona children diagnosed with cancer and their families. The organization spotlights the need to significantly increase clinical research and treatment options for children suffering from cancer. Through a partnership with the Ronald A. Matrciaria Institute of Molecular Medicine at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, ACFC supports developing cancer treatments and therapies that specifically combat pediatric cancer. Chrisie and her husband, Nick Funari, started the foundation after Chrisie’s 5-year-old daughter, Ava, passed away from a three year struggle with Stage Four Neuroblastoma; an aggressive form of pediatric cancer.

Fly Brave Foundation

Our last cause is the Fly Brave Foundation. Their mission is to create an employment training program for adults with autism that have aged out of the school system, focusing on three essential building blocks; hands on skills training within the community, social skills, and healthy living. On May 21st & 22nd the Morton Golf Foundation is hosting their Golf & Guitars Music Festival and all the proceeds from this amazing initiative will go to the Fly Brave Foundation. You can find details about the golf tournament and the musicians playing this year's festival at
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Maya is Ronan's mother and she contributed two incredible quotes that remind her of her son. She was generous to share the story behind each of these special sayings with us. All good things are wild and free is my favorite quote by Henry David Thoreau. It stands for everything that Ronan was in his short little life and it is something I try to carry on for him in my life here. I try to live as wild and freely as possible knowing that tomorrow is never guaranteed. Everyday we are here is a gift and should not be wasted. "You keep me safe, I'll keep you wild" is another one of my favorite quotes. In my heart, I'm keeping Ronan safe forever. In turn, he is reminding me to keep going, to keep knocking down doors, and to keep fighting cancer for kids the non conventional wild way that he would want me to.

Eli lost his little sister Ava to cancer when she was almost 5 and he was 6. Eli and Ava were best friends. Ava was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of pediatric cancer, when she was just 1.5 years old. Eli was by Ava's side for all of her treatment - never giving her special treatment and always treating her just like any other little sister. Eli and Ava both wanted to make sure that no other kids ever get cancer and if they did get cancer they wanted to make sure that they would get better fast. Chrisie Funari, Eli and Ava's mom, started the 501(c)(3) non profit organization Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children after Ava passed away to stay true to her children's wishes and help cure children with cancer right here in Arizona. Eli is Co-President of the Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children children's program, Ava's Angels; a unique program where kids can help kids with cancer. Eli created both of the designs that benefit Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children for the next two weeks!!

The art in this campaign was created by Donna. Donna was born on July 20, 2005 and was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor - papillary meningioma when she was 19 months old. Over the next 31 months Donna underwent four relapses, four neurosurgeries, chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, and twelve weeks of proton beam radiation treatment. In the face of everything, this little lady was an absolute joy throughout her life. She loved to dance. Her favorite color was black. She had an incredibly silly side and she was sharp as a tack. She had a different outlook on life than those around her and she often shared her point of view. Her greatest wish was to go to school and she was able to do so in her last two months. Despite spending much of her childhood in hospitals or around doctors, Donna lived with grace and joy. She inspired everyone around her to experience the moment, feel grateful, take a deep breath, and live their lives more meaningfully. Donna's mom, Sheila runs the blog Mary Tyler Mom and the Donna's Good Things Facebook page where she raises money to fight childhood cancer and shares her experiences as a mother. RIP, Donna, we’ll meet you there.  Donna Lubell Quirke Hornik, 20 July 2005 – 19 October 2009.

Dimitri (19) was diagnosed with autism at the age of 18 months and since then he's had an intense home program of teaching 3-4 hours a day, Monday through Friday. He's a student at Luther Burbank High School in their special education department. Despite limited verbal skills he's good at communicating what he wants- particularly if it's pizza or his iPad.