Inspire Part II

March 11 - March 24

This is the second part of the Inspire campaign. Again, we have a group of extremely talented artists. We hope you enjoy their work as much as we do!

Kelsey is raising money for Coastal Connections, Inc

Coastal Connections Inc. supports people with disabilities to achieve their full potential by creating personalized programs that promote living, working and playing in the community. Each person becomes an essential contributing member of their community through dynamic programs that create an environment which fosters life-long learning.

*We focus on the abilities of students, individuals served and staff, honoring their uniqueness and individuality.

*We offer creative and flexible program development and design that is responsive to needs of stakeholders through partnerships and collaborations.

*Our expectation is to seek and assume leadership roles in every aspect of our organization.

*We live, work, learn and play in the community and our presence in our community is mutually beneficial.

*We take reasonable risks that are of benefit to individuals and the organization.

Logan is raising money for Team Logan

As some of you know, Logan was recently diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. Medication is now a part of his daily life, and exercise is going to be a huge part of our routine moving forward. We are lucky enough to have an empty space in our home that we will be converting into Logan's fitness room, and it will be customized to his needs, likes and limitations. He has spinal issues, and therefore will be working with some specialists to make sure everything is perfectly geared toward his health and safety.

Justin is raising money for Community Outreach Program for the Deaf

Community Outreach Program for the Deaf (COPD) provides services throughout Arizona to persons with a hearing loss. COPD is considered a grassroots organization partnering with Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind persons and organizations in establishing services and providing a "one-stop" center for persons with a hearing loss.

COPD was established in 1973 as the result of grassroots efforts made by Deaf community members. Over the years, COPD has grown to meet the expanding needs of our clients, continually offering new programs and services. Now as part of CCS' Southwest Community Services, COPD is well into it's forth decade, serving hundreds of Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind persons each year. From the very beginning, COPD has maintained strong relationships with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities to help determine how we can best meet their needs. We pride ourselves on our strong relationship with these communities and value their guidance and support in creating new programs and services.

Tommy is raising money for The Miracle League of Johnson County

The Miracle League of Johnston County is a baseball league for children with physical, cognitive and/or emotional disabilities.
In 1997, just outside of Atlanta, Rockdale Youth Baseball Association’s coach Eddie Bagwell invited the first child with a disability to play baseball on his team. In 1998, other children with disabilities were invited to play baseball on a typical baseball field within the same baseball complex.

These players and their families expressed a desire to wear uniforms, hit and round the bases just like other team members. And so the Miracle League was born. Since then the Miracle League has received local and national media attention. The league has been chronicled in the local newspaper, televised locally on NBC, ABC, Connecting With Kids and FOX, Atlanta affiliates and nationally on CNN, MSNBC and Fox Sports. In July 2001, the league was profiled on a segment of HBO’s Real Sports.

Presently there are almost 300 Miracle League Organizations across the country including Puerto Rico, Canada and our newest member in Australia. The Miracle League is proud to serve over 200,000 children and young adults with disabilities.

Caleb is raising money for Horse Sense & Sensitivity

“Horse Sense & Sensitivity enhances the life skills and self confidence of special needs people by providing equine-assisted therapeutic programs and services in the Jacksonville Area.”

Horse Sense & Sensitivity is a 501c3 volunteer organization. Volunteers run the board, serve at every lesson as side walkers and leaders, help the organization raise operating funds and maintain the organization. Volunteers and instructors provide care for all horses used in the program. With no paid staff, we have very low overhead so nearly all funds donated go to operations including care and feeding of horses.

Horse Sense & Sensitivity is a non-profit organization that provides facilities and support for therapeutic horseback riding and physical therapy on horseback (hippotherapy.) These services are provided for physically and mentally challenged children and adults in the Jacksonville area.

Our all volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of community members committed to quality horseback riding instruction made available for all including those with special needs.
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Kelsey is an amazing young lady. Kelsey has her own set of special medical needs. She is 11-years old this month. As typical as she may seem, Kelsey was born with Biliary Atresia and had life saving surgery at five weeks old. Biliary Atresia is a progressive degenerative disease of the liver and bile ducts. Although the vast majority of BA patients require a liver transplant by the time they’re Kelsey’s age, she is defying the odds and still living with her own liver.

In addition to her BA, Kelsey has had to deal with extremely low bone density. She has had numerous fractures of her wrists, ankles, and foot. Despite all of this, she is an amazing young woman who plays in her school band and rides horses.

It’s hard to find Kelsey without a smile. She has a wonderful spirit that brings smiles to her family and friends.

Logan is a 25-year-old young man who is living with Hashimoto's and developmental disabilities, including Apraxia. He enjoys riding his trike, bowling, fishing, playing basketball and helping with his many, many animals. His family likes to consider him challenged not limited, and you can find out more about him through Logan's mom, Allyson, chronicles their lives on her Facebook page, The Crumb Diaries.
Logan's designs are raising money for Logan's Fund, a trust fund set up to be set aside for Logan should anything happen to his parents.    

Justin is 38 years old and works at a wood shop in a supported vocational program in Tucson, Arizona.  Justin loves to exercise, draw pictures, listen to music, and anything fireman related.  He is close with his family (especially his uncles!) and enjoys spending time with them while rock climbing and canoeing.  Justin has a dog, Koty, and two cats, Jacob Marley and Jordin Sparks.  Justin has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome with Autism Spectrum Disorder but his disability certainly does not define him!!

Tommy is six years old and he is much like any other six year old. He loves cars, trucks, trains and planes and he loves to play outside. Although he is much like any six year old boy, he is also very different. He was born with 22q11.2DS – 22q for short. 22q is a partial deletion of the 22 chromosome and it affects every carrier differently with a wide range of symptoms.
In Tommy’s case, he was affected with a heart defect, a cleft lip & palate, a laryngeal web as well as low muscle tone and developmental delays. He has been tube fed the majority of his life and he’s slowly learning how to eat on his own. Because of his many challenges, he has a very busy schedule. He has been receiving therapies multiple times a week since birth and he has had five surgeries to date. He currently goes to developmental school every weekday. In addition, he receives 3-4 therapies a week at home after school. He is very busy, but he continues to work hard like the super hero he is.
Although he has so much on his plate, Tommy is one of the happiest and easiest going kids I have ever met. He loves the movie Wall-E and his favorite past time is playing with his planes. He loves to snuggle and his best friend is his four year old sister, Rosemary. Tommy has a special way of making people in his life happy and he is truly an inspiration to everyone he meets.

Caleb Prewitt is eleven years old, born and raised in Jacksonville FL. We were surprised at birth with his Down syndrome diagnosis, but wouldn't change a thing now. He has a sister, a step-brother and step-sister who are all much older! Caleb is a student, athlete and advocate! He will "graduate" this week from Elementary school and head to Intermediate classes in the fall. Caleb has made trips to advocate for himself and others to both our state and national capitols. He loves to meet new people and loves to travel too. He and his dad enjoy working together in the kitchen and will soon hit the stage with a "Cooking with Caleb" event this fall here in Jacksonville with the Southern Women's Show. He's done some modeling, and is a Brand Representative for Jonas Paul Eyewear and JakeMax Apparel. He is also an ambassador for both AbleFinder and SaveDownSyndrome. He loves sports and participates in eight Special Olympics sports throughout the year, as well as Challenger League baseball and TOPSsoccer. We began participating with Special Olympics when he was just four with their Young Athlete's Program, which gave him the tools for the sports-side when he turned eight. His favorite sport is Bowling, followed by Equestrian. We are excited to help raise some funds for our local SOFL program with this partnership with Paperclouds Apparel!