Guitars for Good II Group 2

October 08 - October 21

American Aquarium and Christopher's USA Fish are raising money for:

Tammy Lynn Center

Founded in 1969, Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities empowers families and enriches the lives of children and adults through education, community and support services. We provide hope and opportunities for individuals to learn, live and grow to their fullest potential.

Dalton Domino and Jaxon's guitar art are collecting money for:

Heartstrings Foundation

Our Goal is to help heal hearts through the power of music & our main focus is working with veterans and children with special circumstances.

Music is an extremely powerful tool we use to express Love, Unity, Heartache, Happiness & Strength. Music gives power to the powerless, courage to those living in fear, the broken the ability to put the pieces back and most importantly heal those with broken hearts!!

Fans can select from a list of Artists and make a donation to Heartstrings Foundation through our donation packages.

In return receive a meet and greet with the Artist they have selected. During the meet and greet fans will be given an autographed guitar. An additional guitar will be given to a Veteran or Child on behalf of the Artist and Fan.

Sarah Ross and Griffin's dog artwork is in support of:

Wilderwood Service Dogs

Wilderwood specializes in providing service dogs specifically trained to handle the challenges of Spectrum Disorders and other neurological impairments.

Mike and the Moonpies and Tommy's tour bus art is raising money for:

The Children's Heart Foundation: Texas Chapter

The Children's Heart Foundation, Texas Chapter has been developed by a group of loving and dedicated moms, whose lives have been dramatically changed with the knowledge of their child and/or children’s new medical needs. We hope that with this new information, fellow parents with “heart children” will still find a sense of hope and encouragement.

We encourage family, friends and those interested in joining us in the fight to change our children’s lives can join us here at The Children’s Heart Foundation, Texas Chapter.

Courtney Patton and Griffin's "I just need a shove" design is collecting for:

Rebuild Texas Fund

Hurricane Harvey was an unprecedented natural disaster that requires an unprecedented effort in recovery. Your contribution will help people, organizations, and businesses recover and rebuild in the impacted communities in Texas. The funds raised will be fully deployed by the end of 2019.

We all thank you for your support!
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Jaxon "Jax" is a 14 year old high school freshman from Muenster, a small North Texas town with German roots. Jax has many hobbies which include building Lego architecture inspired by places all around the world, playing video games on his Nintendo Switch, drawing, baking, as well as reading comic books. Jax also loves playing and spending time with his dog and buddy, Smokey. Jaxon has been raised to spread kindness and accept others for their differences. He knows that God makes everyone different and that everyone has different talents. When he grows up, Jaxon would like to use his art and design talents to become a computer animator.

Griffin has a passion for classical music and retro video games. He also loves playing the piano, swimming, and making art. Because of his Aspergers diagnose, he views the world in a unique and amazing way. He has difficulty with the concept of death and he loves animals, so he came up with the phrase "Pick two flowers with one hand" to replace "Kill two birds with one stone." He hopes to one day be a video game designer and composer. There is no doubt he will accomplish anything he puts his mind to! Griffin's mom, Missy, started a Facebook page What Will This Day Bring? that is dedicated to her blog about life with Griffin.

Tommy is six years old and he is much like any other six year old. He loves cars, trucks, trains and planes and he loves to play outside. Although he is much like any six year old boy, he is also very different. He was born with 22q11.2DS – 22q for short. 22q is a partial deletion of the 22 chromosome and it affects every carrier differently with a wide range of symptoms.
In Tommy’s case, he was affected with a heart defect, a cleft lip & palate, a laryngeal web as well as low muscle tone and developmental delays. He has been tube fed the majority of his life and he’s slowly learning how to eat on his own. Because of his many challenges, he has a very busy schedule. He has been receiving therapies multiple times a week since birth and he has had five surgeries to date. He currently goes to developmental school every weekday. In addition, he receives 3-4 therapies a week at home after school. He is very busy, but he continues to work hard like the super hero he is.
Although he has so much on his plate, Tommy is one of the happiest and easiest going kids I have ever met. He loves the movie Wall-E and his favorite past time is playing with his planes. He loves to snuggle and his best friend is his four year old sister, Rosemary. Tommy has a special way of making people in his life happy and he is truly an inspiration to everyone he meets.

Christopher a polite, loving 31 year old who was born with Down Syndrome. Christopher’s gentle soul loves spending time with his family. He is very close to his parents, two beautiful sisters and his brother in laws. Christopher grew up living in the country and was raised on a dairy farm. He has a great love for horses and cows and says “ it’s in his blood.” Christopher takes pride in the act of chivalry, opening doors for men and women of all ages, pushing up chairs and insisting “you” go first, with a big smile on his face. Christopher’s greatest love’s is to dance and listens to a variety of music from Mozart to metal, country, jazz and blues. Christopher will sit for hours playing the piano and enjoys drumming with his dad who is a musician. He also enjoys drawing, painting, swimming, bowling and special Olympics. Christopher adores his girlfriend and dreams of getting married some day. He enjoys going out to eat and attending dances with her and that’s where he can be seen, moon walking and doing the splits on the dance floor. Christopher’s favorite occasion is his birthday but not only his, everyone else’s too. He keeps a calendar with friends, family and extended family’s special dates. He believes we are all so blessed to have one more year of life here on earth.