Flash Campaign

May 07 - May 20

Our next campaign is a mix of people and we are calling it our Flash Campaign because we got the art so quick and planned the project less than two weeks ago. This campaign we will be raising money for The Odd Cat Sanctuary, Firefighters vs. Autism, Camp CaPella, Beyond Autism, and Brooklinn.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

The mission of the Odd Cat Sanctuary is to help odd cats who have no place to turn. This may be a result of medical illnesses, behavioral issues, being physically challenged, abandoned, abused, or neglected, feral or semi-feral, death row inmates, or seniors. We believe that all cats deserve love, attention, and medical care, first with a caring foster and then with placement in a forever home. We are a 501(c)(3) organization that is primarily foster based, volunteer driven, and relies on donations, contributions, and fund raising.

Firefighers vs. Autism

Firefighters vs. Autism was organized exclusively to educate the community about the dangers of wandering and drowning that are prevalent among those within the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We are firefighters, family members and friends who are primarily engaged in educating first responders, the community, as well as the parents of children with Autism, for the purpose of preventing wandering and drowning among individuals with ASD. Our primary purpose is to provide workshops for first responders in order to educate them on the dangers of wandering and drowning as well as to provide opportunities for families, friends and/or caregivers to learn about what they can do to prevent these tragedies from happening. Firefighters vs Autism provides information to the community in general on the dangers that individuals with Autism could face.

Through various fund raising events and merchandise sales, we are able to host workshops for first responders and care givers, provide swim lesson and drowning awareness opportunities to families impacted by Autism, pool fencing to families who cannot otherwise afford it, and community wandering awareness seminars as well as therapy events for those effected by Autism. We also provide education and/or counseling for those families dealing with an individual with Autism.

We are currently operating out of Tucson and southern Arizona but hope to expand into other communities across the nation. We also plan on donating to other 501C3’s that share in our organizations mission.

Camp CaPella

The mission of Camp CaPella is to provide quality of life experiences for people with disabilities and their families by providing year round accessible recreational and educational learning experiences.
The purpose of Camp CaPella is to provide campers with a well-rounded recreational program which will include activities relevant to the camp's philosophy. One of our main objectives is to promote the physical and emotional well-being of campers through a program of fitness, exercise, socialization, and involvement in a positive setting. Within this environment, campers will have the opportunity to continue their pursuit of individual educational and peer related goals, further enabling them to develop independent lifestyles.

The philosophy of Camp CaPella is for all campers, regardless of ability, to be afforded an opportunity to enjoy a summer program offering learning experiences, recreational activities, and fun! It is our hope that this safe environment will maximize their abilities and willingness for participation, and is appropriate to foster their self awareness, growth, and development.

Beyond Autism

As parents to children with autism, we learned rather quickly that we had to be strong advocates for our children; we had to be their voice. What we have always believed as parents is that our children deserve what every child deserves: a safe and loving place in which they can express themselves freely as individuals.

Throughout this journey we have also found some amazingly talented and compassionate professionals that share our vision. Day in and day out, our team members strive to impact our children’s lives with an abundance of knowledge and an endless supply of compassion.

Our commitment is to our students, their families and our team members. We are driven to ensure that Beyond Autism grows smartly with an exceptional work ethic and high energy that will ensure its longevity.

Core Values
We promise to look beyond autism and embrace the person first as an individual. Autism does not define who they are.

We promise to value the uniqueness in each of our students by promoting their creativity, celebrating their strengths and encouraging their personal expression.

We promise to collaborate with our families to create balance between goals and expectations, creating a cohesive relationship based upon a mutual respect and understanding.

We promise to work towards achieving not only academic goals, but also social and life skills through education and life experiences.​

Brooklinn was born with profound hearing loss, she wears cochlear implants which are good in small groups, but large groups it is difficult for her to hear and she misses out on things. We are raising money for an FM system that connects her cochlear implants. Whomever is speaking wears a microphone and what they say goes straight to Brooklinn. She LOVES to draw, she doesn’t go anywhere without her sketch pad and colored pencils. When she’s not drawing she loves playing volleyball and is active in 4H where she is her clubs Historian. She shows chickens, cavvy and rabbits. She also does sewing, crafts, photography and wood working. She likes reading Goosebump books and the Dear America book.
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Bret is an 11 year old with Autism along with severe anxiety and sensory processing disorder. He works very hard in school and Math is his favorite subject. He participated in the school choir for the first time this year and even sings along with his classmates. He loves playing on the computer, watching YouTube videos, Pokemon, Roblox, Minecraft, fire trucks, and he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.

Jared has ADHD, severe social anxiety, and autism. Jared has come a long way in just a couple years of who he is and what he likes in life. Jared is an aspiring writer and artist. He enjoys learning about world wars, military tanks and designing characters for his book. Jared is a shy but outgoing guy who has become more involved in discussions he is passionate about. Jared continues to thrive and move forward with his challenges in life and never gives up.

Riley is a 14 year old Autistic girl. She was diagnosed at the age of 2. She also has a severe anxiety disorder. Riley has a great personality. She loves to make people laugh. She enjoys drawing and playing on her iPad. One of her favorite places to be is Camp Capella.

Brooklinn is 11 years old and lives in Washington State with her mom, dad and sister. She was born with severe to profound hearing loss. By the time she was 3 years old she had lost all her hearing and received her first cochlear implant. When she was 7 years old she received her second cochlear implant. Brooklinn LOVES to draw, she doesn’t go anywhere without her sketch pad and colored pencils. When she’s not drawing she loves playing volleyball and is active in 4H where she is her club's historian. She shows chickens, cavy, and rabbits. She also does sewing, crafts, photography and wood working. She likes reading Goosebumps books and the Dear America book. She loves unicorns and her favorite movies are The Nightmare Before Christmas and Where the Red Fern Grows. Her favorite holiday is Halloween and she loves hanging out with her family and friends. Something that is very unique about Brooklinn is that she has two different colored eyes. One is blue and one is hazel!

Simon would like you to know that he is a “cat-loving and fun-loving guy who also loves both math and science”. Simon is 10 years old and lives outside of Boston, MA. In addition to cats, math, and science, he also enjoys Cub Scouts, singing with the choir after school, swimming, and kung-fu. He just earned a white stripe on his yellow belt! When he’s not busy with school or other activities, you’ll find Simon cuddling with his cats, Moofie and Teddy. Simon has an Autism Spectrum diagnosis and ADHD. Simon aspires to be a Quantum Physicist when he grows up!