CCS 2018 Kick Off

January 01 - January 14

As a 501(c)3, Cloud Covered Streets is focused on helping the homeless survive the streets on a one-on-one basis. Every time you support CCS, they hand deliver a fresh shirt, socks, & a toiletry kit to someone who is in need. The company was founded by Robert Thornton in Phoenix, AZ but has started to expand to Austin, TX as well as San Diego, CA. With goals to stretch countrywide, Cloud Covered Streets needs help from people like you every day!
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Daniel is the reason I decided to focus a lot more energy on Cloud Covered Streets and help more of the homeless. The second person I ever met on a street mission to help the homeless. After giving Daniel a new shirt, and letter of hope, Daniel put his head in his hands and began to cry. He then told me that everything he owned had been stolen a week ago and he didn't even have a t-shirt, until I gave him one. That moment changed my life, and I hope Daniel is doing ok.

Alan is a young man we have become very good friends with. Alan had a job as a home appraiser for a bank, owned a home, and two trucks, but the responsibilities of life he noticed were making him feel like he was going crazy. Alan says that giving that up and being homeless is much worse on him physically, but he feels much better mentally.

Lee has been off and on the streets since he was fifteen. At the age of ten, his father, a World Champion wrestler committed suicide, and his mother, also a professional wrestler, was abusive to Lee so he left home. Lee is a Shaman and takes pride in being able to help heal others. One of the sweetest people we have met and always so grateful of the help we give him.

Dan was proud to tell us he was celebrating six months of being drug-free when we met him. His girlfriend is in rehab and he is excited for her to get out and for the both of them to work on building a life together. Dan was very positive about life and we were very happy to meet this young man.

Troy is very soft spoken, but is always so happy to see us. A gentle giant is the best way to describe Troy. Troy is always looking out for his friends on the street and never wants more than he needs.